We provide independent, expert, guidance with integrity on important investment matters. Each individual investor has their own unique set of circumstances. However, some financial situations are common to wealthy individuals and families. We carefully analyze your needs and create tailored investment solutions to suit you and your family.

We draw on the resources and research of the Aadolf Finance to provide advice on all stages of the investment process, from governance and strategy through to specialist implementation and reporting. Our clients include some of the world’s wealthiest individuals, trusts, pension funds, and family offices.

Our team draws on a diverse range of professionals, including investment consultants, asset managers and financial advisers. Many of our specialists hold professionals qualifications e.g. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) or Chartered Accountant qualifications with international experience. Our services focus on adding tangible value to our clients.

How we can help

Investment Consulting

For investors, selecting the right manager is challenging. Once appointed, managing that relationship can be time-consuming and will raise further questions – am I paying too much? Am I being exposed to the level of risk I intended? Are they doing what they said they would? Are the investments performing?.

Treasury & Counterparty credit risk

You will benefit from our tested, proprietary methodology to quantify the relative risks associated with their exposures to improve decision-making for cash, near-cash, and fixed income investment. We ensure all clients achieve the best outcome for their specific needs, no matter the level of complexity.

Knowing what you require and making sure it is delivered

Our team pulls together our knowledge on the strategies, performance, and costs being experienced by other similar investors across the industry to put in place a portfolio that is run as effectively and efficiently as possible. Here are some of the services we provide to both private and corporate investors:

Setting your investment objectives

  • Designing or reviewing investment strategy and mandates to ensure alignment to objectives
  • Determining an asset allocation consistent with your objective and risk tolerance
  • Creation of suitable benchmarks that properly reflect your investment objectives

Finding the right investment manager

  • Optimise portfolio success by finding the best manager and assisting in the management of that relationship
  • Undertake fee negotiations with third-party investment managers to ensure you obtain their best price

Monitoring investment performance

  • Strengthen risk management practices through regular independent review of managers adherence to mandate risk
  • Improve the extent and depth of performance reporting to include relevant analysis of nominal, relative and risk-adjusted returns across multiple portfolios
  • Ongoing benchmarking of charges and expenses incurred within your portfolio, using our extensive experience of the investment industry
  • Delivering reassurance that ongoing professional due diligence is being undertaken on your chosen investment managers
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